1. Curtain-coater type recording technology

Recording technology that is more than three times faster than other technologies with a maximum speed of over 1,000mm/s

1.5 seconds/layer (existing methods: about 50 seconds/layer)

2,000 layers in under 8.5 hours

Lincsolution patented technology

2. Large surface area and multi-laser control technology

Minimizes laser overlaps with a unique laser control technology

Concurrent dual and triple laser control technology

Multiple patented technologies related to optical systems and laser beams

3. Floating resin technology

Resin-floating technology that reduces resin use

Uses about 80% of the amount of material used by other systems

Lower operation costs as a result of having to change materials less frequently

Patents in Asia, Europe, and the USA related to earthquake-resisting technology

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LINK SL-1500

Lincsolution LINK SL-1500 Catalogue.

LINK SL-2300

Lincsolution LINK SL-2300 Catalogue.



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Device Comparison Table

Device Name LINK SL-1500 LINK SL-2300
Printer Type Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA)
Dimension 4550 X 2290 X 2695 mm 6500 X 1670 X 3550 mm
Weight 1500 Kg 3500 Kg
Build Size 1540 X 790 X 550 mm 2300 X 850 X 1000 mm
Laser Composition Dual Laser Triple Laser
Laser Type Spectra Physics Solid-State Frequency Tripled Nd: YVO
Recoating Technology Curtain Coater Technology
Maximum Recoating Speed 1,000 mm/s
Optical System SCANLAB Galvanometer Scanner
Scanning Speed 12 m/s Max.
Beam Size 0.08~0.40 mm
Laser Wavelength 355 nm
Accuracy ± 0.200/100 mm
Layer thickness 0.05 ~ 0.10 mm
Main Control System Materialise MCP System
Operational Software Materialise Magics RP (E-Stage, Build Processor, Control Platform), Autodesk Fusion 360
Materials ABS-like, PP-like, Transparent, Mold, Rubber-like and other high functional materials
Input Data File stl, amf, mgx, mxp, cli, slc, cls, sli etc.
Input Power 200 - 240 VAC, 40 A, 50/60 Hz 200 - 240 VAC, 60 A, 50/60 Hz